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Trade Card

Does this sound like you?

Because you are in the "Electronics Game" you have known about Jaycar for years and have been buying the odd multimeter, kit or set of speakers from us from time to time. There may be occasions when you've called in just to have a look around.

Although many people who regularly buy from us are weekend enthusiasts you may or may not in fact, be described that way. If you are professionally engaged in some aspect of the electronics Industry on a daily basis, you may qualify for a Jaycar Electronics Trade Card.

You could be a Telecomms tech, an electrician or tech installing computer networking, a TV antenna or cable TV installer, repairman, an alarm installer or a computer hardware repairer. It's possible that you work for a TV or radio station or a company that just has heaps of electronic equipment to maintain.

You get your supplies from companies who are dedicated to supporting "trade" type customers and they are not widely known to the public. You have to exhibit "trade" credentials to buy from them. They are sometimes located in out-of-the-way places.

Do you fall into this category?

If you do, we have some interesting news for you (well maybe not as interesting to you as us)! Jaycar now has a facility in each and every store (including Techstore) to provide you with a facility to purchase goods at special trade prices. We are keen to get your business and have worked out some great prices on things that you are likely to use, viz. Cat 5 cable and other networking consumerables/tools, TV antennas and cabling, burglar alarm gear, etc. All of which you will see in this catalogue. Your discounts off our normal low prices for these selected items range from 5 and 50% depending on the item. We will establish an account for you if you think you will use the service frequently enough.

Naturally, in keeping with trade business some minimum conditions apply.

Download a trade card application form here: Jaycar Trade Card Application Form

You can apply for a trade card at any Jaycar stores or by emailing us at techstore@jaycar.com.au. We are certain that we can provide you with convenient location service and surprisingly good prices! What have you got to lose?

*Note trade cards are only available for Australian or New Zealand customers.