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Kit Back Catalogue

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the Jaycar Kit Back Catalogue. To keep up with the constant flow of new kits and maintain an up to date in-store line-up of projects, older and slow moving kits are returned to our central warehouse. We have included in this catalogue a number of the Kits that form our Back Catalogue. The range is divided up into sections. In this listing is included a brief description, the reference magazine and issue date of the article, a catalogue reference number and a unit price.

Audio Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
115WRMS/8Ω, 175WRMS/4Ohm Power Amp Module Silicon Chip 04/96 KC5201
Bass Blazer Baragrph Display Silicon Chip 02/01 KC5305
CD Audio Compressor Kit Silicon Chip 06/00 KC5291
CDROM Controller for Audio Playback Silicon Chip 12/07 KC5459
DAB+/FM Digital Radio Silicon Chip 08/10 KC5491
Digital Audio Delay Silicon Chip 12/11 KC5506
Guitar Mixer 4 Channel 12VDC Silicon Chip 06/07 KC5448
Power Amp Module 115W RMS/8 Ohm / 175WRMS/4 Ohm Silicon Chip 04/96 KC5201
Power Supply to suit 135W Distortion MkII Amplifier Silicon Chip 09/08 KC5471
Power Supply to suit SC-480 Silicon Chip 01/03 KC5347
SC-480 50W Mono Amplifier Module V1 TO-218 Silicon Chip 01/03 KC5345
Stereo Compressor Silicon Chip 01/12 KC5507
Stereo Headphone Distribution Amplifier Kit Silicon Chip 11/05 KC5417
Studio 350 - High Power Amplifier Silicon Chip 01/04 KC5372
Subwoofer Controller Silicon Chip 08/07 KC5452
Theremin Synthesiser Kit Silicon Chip 08/00 KC5295
Theremin Synthesiser - Midi Silicon Chip 04/05 KC5410
Universal Speaker Protection & Muting Module Silicon Chip 07/07 KC5450

AV Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
Annunciator with 75mm High Digits - 00 to 99 Silicon Chip 12/05 KC5420
AV Booster Kit Silicon Chip 04/03 KC5350
AV Distribuiton Amplifier with S-Video - Low Cost Silicon Chip 11/01 KC5321
Composite AV Distribution Amplifier - Low Cost Silicon Chip 11/01 KC5320
Dr Video Enhancer/Stabiliser MkII Silicon Chip 06/04 KC5390
Low Cost Composite Video/Audio Distribution Amplifier Silicon Chip 11/01 KC5320

AV Radio/FM Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
100-200MHz VHF Converter Kwik Kit   KG9128

Auto Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
Component Video RGB Converter Silicon Chip 05/04 KC5388
Dr Video Enhancer/Stabiliser MkII Silicon Chip 06/04 KC5390
RGB to Component Video Converter Silicon Chip 08/04 KC5398
Video Enhancer / Stabiliser Kit Electronics Australia 08/97 KA1798
Video Enhancer & Y/C Separator Silicon Chip 08/04 KC5394

Auto Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
12V LED Light - PCB for Festoon 31mm (Interior Light) Silicon Chip 03/03 KC5354
12V LED Light - PCB for Festoon 41mm (Interior Light) Silicon Chip 03/03 KC5355
AV Booster/ Repeater Amplifier Silicon Chip 04/03 KC5350
Car Air Conditioner Controller Silicon Chip 01/07 KC5437
Car Turbo Timer with Case - PIC Based Silicon Chip 08/07 KC5451
Delta Throttle Timer SC Book   KC5373
Digital Fuel Adjuster SC Book   KC5385
Digital Fuel Mixture Display Silicon Chip 09/00 KC5300
Digital Pulse Adjuster SC Book   KC5384
Digital Speedo Corrector SC Book   KC5380
Digital Speedometer/Speed Alert Silicon Chip 11/99 KC5279
Driving Light Protector Silicon Chip 09/02 KC5337
Engine Immobiliser MK II Silicon Chip 12/98 KC5255
Frequency Switch SC Book   KC5378
Fuel Cut Defeater Silicon Chip 02/07 KC5439
Gear Indicator Silicon Chip 01/03 KC5344
G-Force Meter Silicon Chip   KC5504
Independent Electronic Boost Controller SC Book   KC5387
Intelligent Turbo timer SC Book   KC5383
Knock Sensor to suit KC-5442 Silicon Chip 03/07 KC5444
LED Duty Cycle Meter for Fuel Injected Cars SC Book   KC5375
Marine Engine Speed Equaliser Silicon Chip 11/09 KC5488
Nitrous Fuel Mixture / Motor Speed Controller SC Book   KC5382
PC Board for 12V LED Bayonet Style Lamp Kit (Stop / Tail) Silicon Chip 03/03 KC5349
PC Board for 31mm Festoon Style (Interior Light) Kit Silicon Chip 03/03 KC5354
PC Board for 41mm Festoon Style (Interior Light) Kit Silicon Chip 03/03 KC5355
Quick Brake - Emergency Light Trigger SC Book   KC5373
Turbo Timer Silicon Chip 11/98 KC5254
Turn Your Car Into A Volvo Silicon Chip 08/99 KC5273
Universal High Energy Ignition Kit Silicon Chip 12/05 KC5419
Voltage Monitor Silicon Chip 05/06 KC5424

Computer Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
AVR Adaptor Board for KC-5340 Silicon Chip 03/06 KC5421
Front End Pre-Amp For PC Sound Cards Electronics Australia 08/98 KA1811
PC Infrared Transceiver Kit Silicon Chip 12/01 KC5323
PC IR Remote Control Silicon Chip 08/03 KC5366
PIC Programmer Checkerboard Silicon Chip 02/01 KC5307
Serial Programmer for DSPIC30F Series PIC Controller Silicon Chip 05/08 KC5467
SD/MMC Card Webserver In a Box Silicon Chip 11/09 KC5489
Test Instrument Interface for PC Sound Cards Electronics Australia 08/98 KA1811
USB Power Injector Silicon Chip 10/04 KC5399

Household Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
Clock Watchers Clock Kit with Blue LEDs Silicon Chip 06/05 KC5416
Clockwatcher's LED Clock -Analogue & Digital - Red Silicon Chip 06/05 KC5404
Digital Reaction Timer Kit Silicon Chip 06/03 KC5360
Door Bell Remote Control Silicon Chip 09/04 KC5397
Driveway Sentry Silicon Chip 11/04 KC5402
Jacob's Ladder High Voltage Display Kit Silicon Chip 09/95 KC5191
Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit Silicon Chip 09/04 KC5397
Remote Control Digital Timer Silicon Chip 08/10 KC5496
SMS Controller for Nokia Mobile Phones (5110/6110) Silicon Chip 10/04 KC5400
UHF Remote Controlled Main Switch Silicon Chip 02/08 KC5462
V8 Sounding Doorbell - Full Kit Silicon Chip 01/05 KC5405
V8 Sounding Doorbell - Short Form Silicon Chip 01/05 KC5406
Water Level LED Indicator MkII Silicon Chip 07/07 KC5449
Water Tank Level Meter - PIC Based Silicon Chip 11/07 KC5460
Water Tank Level Meter Telemetry Base Station Silicon Chip 01/08 KC5461

Lighting Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
12VDC Emergency Lighting Controller Silicon Chip 01/08 KC5456
Basketball Scoreboard & Console - Wireless Silicon Chip 03/05 KC5408
Basketball Scoreboard Extra Scoreboard - Wireless Silicon Chip 03/05 KC5409
Bass Blazer Bar Graph Display Silicon Chip 02/01 KC5305
Luxeon LED Star Module Driver Silicon Chip 05/04 KC5389
Neon Tube Sound Display Kit Silicon Chip 11/01 KC5322

Power Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
12VDC-240VAC Inverter - Super Simple Kwik Kit   KG9006
12VDC Car Battery Charger/Regulator Silicon Chip 07/97 KA1795
Battery Zapper MkI - Lead Acid Silicon Chip 08/05 KC5414
Battery Zapper MkII Add-on Silicon Chip 05/06 KC5428
Battery Zapper MkII for SLA Batteries Silicon Chip 05/06 KC5427
Power Tool Battery Charge Controller Silicon Chip 12/06 KC5436
Universal Drill/Motor Speed Controller Silicon Chip 02/09 KC5477
Universal +/- 15VDC Power Supply Silicon Chip 10/05 KC5418

Sci-Fi Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
Jacob's Ladder High Voltage Display MkI Silicon Chip 12/95 KC5191
Starship Enterprise Door Sound Simulator Silicon Chip 05/06 KC5423

Security Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
4 Channel CCTV Switcher Silicon Chip 06/01 KC5316
50 Metre IR Light Barrier Kwik Kit   KG9196
Alarm Raucous Silicon Chip 01/02 KC5327
Annunciator Kit Silicon Chip 12/05 KC5420
Driving Light Anti-Theft Kit Silicon Chip 09/02 KC5337
IR Light Barrier 18 Metre Kwik Kit   KG9096
Raucous Alarm Silicon Chip 02/02 KC5327
RFID Security Module Receiver Kit Silicon Chip 06/04 KC5393
Screecher Car Alarm MKII Electronics Australia 01/99 KA1813
SMS Controller Module Silicon Chip 11/04 KC5400
Swimming Pool Alarm Kit Silicon Chip 09/00 KC5298
Telephone Dialler Kit for Burglar Alarms (Modem rqd) Silicon Chip 01/03 KC5348

Test Kits

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
AC/DC Current Clamp Adaptor for Multimeters Silicon Chip 09/03 KC5368
LED Duty Cycle Meter for Fuel Injected Cars SC Book   KC5375
Peak-Hold Injector Adaptor SC Book   KC5395
Ultrasonic Water Tank Level Indicator Silicon Chip 09/11 KC5503

Short Circuits 3

Description Magazine Issue Cat.
Short Circuits 3 Project #31 Computer Driven Display SC3 Book   KJ8112
Instructions for SC Project #31 SC3 Book   KJ8113