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0.71mm Duratech Solder - 200gm 0.71mm Duratech Solder - 200gm NS3005 16.95 In stock

0.71mm Duratech Solder - 200gm


0.71mm Duratech Solder - 200gm

CAT.NO:  NS3005

0.71mm Resin Core Solder
• 200g roll
• 60% Tin / 40% Lead
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In Stock

0.71mm tin/lead resin core solder - 200g roll

Handy Tip Cheap and Nasty (But effective flux)

Before solder wire had a core of flux in it you had to use a paste, or a liquid flux. The liquid was Zinc Chloride. It was made by getting some hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid) and dropping zinc into it. The most common source of zinc was bits of galvanised iron. When you dropped the zinc into the acid bubbles would come off. When the bubbles stopped, the zinc had replaced the Hydrogen in the acid. The Hydrochloric acid was then called “killed spirits.” The killed spirits was great flux to solder together, say, brass or copper – or even galvanised iron. Of course this was potentially dangerous but that was what you did in the good old days! P.S. don’t forget to wear safety goggles if you attempt this.

Solder and Accessories

Size 0.71mm
Service Aid Chemicals

Net Mass 200g
Service Aid Solder Wire
Composition 1 Tin
Physical state Wire
Percentage 1 60%
Chemical container type Roll
Composition 2 Lead
Percentage 2 40%

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