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Anyone who can build this for me?

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1 Post
Posted 8/3/2010

this is my first post here, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.
I know very little about electronics, my hobby is making beer.
My feeble attempts at building a magnetic stirrer do not seem to work very well. The potentiometer or whatever it is called burn after a while.

So I found this US web site where someone build a better version of the magnetic stirrers, but then I have to order them from the US and wait.

I noticed he also sells the parts to make them yourself, but not knowing how to solder I thought I could post something here if anyone is interested in making a couple of these?

I have everything ready, only need this little curcuit board with the parts attached.
Is that quick and easy or would I have to order the set from the US and wait for delivery as you would need the curcuit board?

Again, don't know how this works very well so apologies if asking any dumb questions :o)


19 Posts
Posted 8/3/2010

I can, and I'm in Ipswich (near Brisbane) if that's any help.
Do I get some beers or something?

Jaycar Rockhampton

39 Posts
Posted 21/4/2010


Jaycar sell a similar kit (Jaycar ID: KC5225). This kit is a motor speed controller suited to 12V applications.

Alternatively, you can use Jaycar ID: KC5465 for 12V or 24V applications up to 40A of current!

Both come in kit form and need to be assembled.

That should keep your brew stirring nicely.

- Jaycar Rockhampton

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